Cherne Muni-Ball Pillow Style Plug


Cherne Pillow Style Plug are made of heavy-duty elastic urethane, making them lightweight, flexible and chemical/petroleum resistant.  They can fit through small diameter openings and then inflated to block or bypass flow.  The perfect type of plug where the line or opening is irregular in shape.  

Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
51055-00-F Test-Ball Plugs | 24" Single Size Plug $3,190.78
51057-00-F Test-Ball Plugs | 36" Single Size Plug $5,296.32
51196-00-F Test-Ball Plugs | 42" Single Size Plug $5,999.44
52754-00-F Test-Ball Plugs | 60" Single Size Plug $8,554.67