WaMax Milling Nozzles

The WaMax Milling Nozzle Systems by IBG Hydro-Tech are milling style nozzles used for major blockages involving roots, concrete, asphalt, and significant mineral deposits, as well as protrusions.

SewerShop's collection of WaMax nozzles include options for lines between 4" and 40" in diameter. The milling system utilizes a turbine-style drive with an internal gear reduction system to generate torque to the milling head.

The internal gearing also allows the system to be used with much lower GPM jetting machines when compared to other milling systems. 

The Sewershop's WaMax possesses the capability of a hammer drill that aids in pulverizing material at the blockage.  This, in turn, aids in the removal of materials down the sewer line.  Can also be used for pipe preparation prior to pipelining.