Manhole Tools

  • tiger tail, tiger-tail, bb hose guide, "BB" hose guide, hose guide

    Tiger Tail

    BB Hose Guide:  (AKA: Tiger Tail)  Constructed of sturdy polyethylene, the BB Hose Guide protects the sewer jet hose as it enters the pipe from the...

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  • Sand Trap

    Sand Trap

    Insert a Sand trap on the stream side of the manhole, and the user will be able to remove the debris rather than have the debris flow into the next...

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  • Manhole Hooks

    Manhole Hooks

    Heavy duty manhole hooks are made of high carbon heat treated steel.  The hooks are available in a 24"-36€ lengths.

  • Hydrant Wrench

    Hydrant Wrench

    Combination Hydrant and Spanner Wrench. Cast steel body with heavy duty handle.

  • Probes


    Spring steel shaft. Hardened stainless steel tip used by utility companies throughout the world for finding buried pipe.

  • Handi Clams

    Handi Clams

    This Handi-Clam is available in various length handles and bucket sizes.   Available in 6 to 18 foot lengths and clam sizes of small and large. Sho...

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  • Manhole Cushions

    Manhole Cushions

    Oil impregnated temp cushions come in 84€ lengths. Place this material around the inside of the manhole rim to stop loose or noisy manhole covers ...

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