Cam Lock Fittings


The Cam and Groove locking system is a quick connect coupling, usually used in most industries as a hose connection to avoid fluid leakage.  This kind of coupling is popular because it is considered in industries to be a simple and economical way of connecting and disconnecting hoses to each other, or to fittings on tanks, equipment, etc. 

Cam and Groove fittings can be used in a system where rapid filling of water, chemicals, etc. are a necessity.  On sewer or vacuum equipment, the Cam and Groove makes tank fills and offloads a simple, fast and easy way to get hose connections made for maximum efficiency of staff.  All fittings sold here can be used with chemicals and petroleum products, a must for oil field operations. 

Determine what type of fitting you need for the application, determine size of the connections and hoses used, and order by Cam & Groove type (A, B, C, D, DC, E, F or Reducer).  Aluminum construction. 

Type A: Adapter with female thread.
Type C: Coupler with shank
Type E: Adapter with shank
Type DC: Dust Cap

Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
40341-00-X Cam Lock Type A | 2" M Adapter to FPT $6.00
50351-00-V Cam Lock Type A | 2.5" M Adapter to FPT $7.23
52204-00-V Cam Lock Type A | 3" M Adapter to FPT $11.59
54569-00-V Cam Lock Type A | 4" M Adapter to FPT $18.38
51419-00-V Cam Lock Type A | 6" M Adapter to FPT $42.38
52019-00-V Cam Lock Type A | 8" M Adapter to FPT $185.00
54881-00-X Cam Lock Type C | 2" F Adapter to M Hose $14.25
20331-00-Z Cam Lock Type C | 2.5" F Adapter to M Hose $21.78
51528-00-V Cam Lock Type C | 3" F Adapter to M Hose $38.03
51420-00-V Cam Lock Type C | 4" F Adapter to M Hose $47.26
51422-00-V Cam Lock Type C | 6" F Adapter to M Hose $59.50
52203-00-V Cam Lock Type C | 8" F Adapter to M Hose $311.02
51219-00-X Cam Lock Type DC | 2.5" Dust Cap $9.35
51523-00-V Cam Lock Type DC | 3" Dust Cap $15.35
51423-00-V Cam Lock Type DC | 4" Dust Cap $29.48
51521-00-V Cam Lock Type DC | 6" Dust Cap $55.90
52018-00-V Cam Lock Type DC | 8" Dust Cap $101.02
54880-00-X Cam Lock Type E | 2" M Adapter to M Hose $7.63
52376-00-X Cam Lock Type E | 2.5" M Adapter to M Hose $16.86
51531-00-V Cam Lock Type E | 3" M Adapter to M Hose $17.15
51421-00-V Cam Lock Type E | 4" M Adapter to M Hose $21.60
51529-00-V Cam Lock Type E | 6" M Adapter to M Hose $49.45
52202-00-V Cam Lock Type E | 8" M Adapter to M Hose $152.78