FMC Water Pumps


FMC Technologies' reciprocating pumps are chosen for the most demanding applications due to their high quality, ease of service, pump longevity and low cost of ownership. Extremely versatile, the FMC plunger pumps can be readily adapted for optimum performance within a wide range of markets and service conditions.   All pumps have been carefully designed with over-sized bearings and heavy-duty components to provide years of operational life.

The heavy-duty designs, engineering, reliable craftsmanship, component customization and pumping experience has helped FMC Technologies' partners deliver value and performance on the global stage.  Partners and customers continue to look at FMC Technologies' pumps first to provide them real life solutions for their real life problems. FMC Technologies' commitment to detail continues to lead the industry for reciprocating plunger pump applications. 

Before adding items to the cart, please contact for the pump configuration (left or right hand drive), drive type (shaft drive or hydraulic integral mount drive), product availability and most current pricing.  (Some models have longer lead times, if not in stock).

Part #DescriptionGPMPSIPriceQuantity
40298-00-X FMC L-0610 40-20 Pump RH Shaft Drive 40 2000$6,587.00
40349-00-T FMC L-0614 40-20 Pump LH Shaft Drive 40 2000$6,587.00
40721-00-TX FMC L-1114 40-30 Pump RH Shaft Drive 40 3000$9,980.00
40964-00-TX FMC L-1114 40-30 Pump LH Shaft Drive 40 3000$12,180.00
40721-01-X FMC L-1114 40-30 Pump RH Hyd IM Drive 40 3000$14,975.00
40022-00-X FMC L-1118 65-20 Pump RH Shaft Drive 65 2000$12,490.00
40709-00-X FMC L-1118 65-20 Pump LH Shaft Drive 65 2000$18,383.00
40022-01-X FMC L-1118 65-20 Pump RH Hyd IM Drive 65 2000$16,416.00
41002-00-X FMC L-1614 55-30 Pump RH Shaft Drive 55 3000$22,812.00
41027-01-X FMC L-1614 55-30 Pump LH Hyd IM Drive 55 3000$16,272.00
41057-00-K FMC L-1616 75-25 Pump RH Shaft Drive 75 2500$21,438.00
41057-01-K FMC L-1616 75-25 Pump Hyd IM Drive 75 2500$28,515.00
41105-00-K FMC L-1616 75-25 Pump LH Shaft Drive 75 2500$21,437.50
41063-00-K FMC L-1618 80-20 Pump RH Shaft Drive 80 2000$14,480.00