Pressure Relief Valve


The Pressure Relief Valve is designed to regulate and control the maximum pressure for the water systems on jetting and hydro excavation equipment.  Provides safety and protection for the equipment and more importantly the operator. On jetting machines using 3/4" sewer hose the relief valve has a rating of 20-50 GPM and up to 2900 PSI.

For jetting machines using 1" or larger sewer hose, the relief valves are shown are rated from 25-100 GPM and will handle up to 4000 PSI based on the specific valves shown below. 

In the small jetters with 1/2" hose systems and for hydro-excavation water systems, the pressure relief valve is plumbed between the water pump and the boiler, if so equipped.  That specifically rated valve is rated for up to 20 GPM and 4000 PSI. 

Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
50730-00-S Pressure Relief Valve | 1" | Baird 761-7601-1-HP-A | 4000 PSI Dual Port $539.00
50729-00-F Pressure Relief Valve | 1" | Baird 715-7150-HP-2000 | 1100-2000 PSI $395.00
40561-00-F Pressure Relief Valve | 1" | Myers 15696C005K | 800-2000 PSI $2,470.00
50023-00-T Pressure Relief Valve | 3/4" | General YBRV5325 | 2000-2900 PSI $204.25
24718-00-X Pressure Relief Valve | 1/2" | General YUB21405NCV | 4000 PSI $227.00