Vacuum Reducer


The Reducer is used to drop the size of the suction hose from the hydro excavator's stock hose size for tighter locations. Flanged ends allow for use with quick clamps for quick change outs.  It is recommended that another air inlet be utilized to allow for proper air induction into the air stream to help cool the air.  This in turn prevents high temp heat damage to the machine's blower. 

Select a Y-adapter, the inline style vacuum relief of the proper size to add between the reducer and the suction hose, on the machine.  Or use the vacuum air induction tube to help introduce the needed air into the vacuum system. 

Reducer | Vac Hose 8" to 4" $311.43
Reducer | Vac Hose 8" to 6" $231.58
Reducer | Vac Hose 6" to 4" $189.38