Upstream Pulley & Roll Guide


The Roll Guide is a steel reinforced roller frame with heavy duty plastic rollers that will provide the best feed control when the hose is pulled out of the pipe. Excellent tool in tough pulls or when pulling TV camera with Jet hose.

May be used with 1/2", 3/4" and 1" hose. Various models of roller guides are available depending on your application needs!

Multiroller Hose Guide $729.25
12' of Guide Pipe and Street Brace for Multiroller & Hose Roller Guide $596.33
Multiroller Replacement Rollers 3.5" $12.30
Hose Roller Guide for 1/2, 3|4" and 1" hose $276.04
Upstream Pulley Guide Top Manhole Roller $314.16
Easement Roller $965.48