Blowers - Roots (PD-Positive Displacement Type)


​Since 1854, Roots has been continuously manufacturing and developing the rotary positive displacement blowers under the industry respected name Roots.

Today, Howden Roots™ produces robust, heavy duty bi-lobe or tri-lobe design blowers that deliver reliable performance with innovative Whispair™ technology for low noise, low pulsation compression.

All Howden Roots™ blowers are of a compact, sturdy design engineered for continuous duty and maximum reliability. These blowers have a time-tested lubrication system and an exclusive “figure-8” gearbox design which improves oil distribution to the timing gears and lengthens bearing life.

The Roots TRI-NADO™ TM Truck-Mount, Tri-Lobe Vacuum Blowers have been redesigned to incorporate the latest technology for reduced noise and vibration.

Roots has its main manufacturing facilities including the original Roots factory in Connersville, IN (USA). The factory produces more than 25,000 machines yearly.

When ordering, please confirm your model number matches our Roots model shown here.  If you have any questions, call us prior to ordering at 800-323-1604.  Ask for the Parts Department.

Please note:  In the event that we are out of stock, there may be additional lead time to ship the blower.  You can always send an email to to find out about our stocking level. 

Roots 1125 TriNado PD Vertical Truck-Mount TriNado Blower $48,838.00
Roots 824 PD Horizontal Mount Blower $19,900.00
Roots 624 PD Vertical Mount Blower $15,858.46
Roots 711 PD Horizontal Mount Blower $8,598.00