Sand Trap


Insert a Sand Trap on the downstream side of the manhole, and the user will be able to remove the debris rather than have the debris flow into the next section of sewer pipe.  The sand trap can be used with light vacuum  or long handled scoops to pull the material out at the manhole.  Sand traps are made from heavy-duty sheet metal.

The Debris Stopper is a manhole tool where larger material can be captured in the 'basket' while allowing the normal water flow of the sewer line to be uninterrupted.  This is an excellent tool for quick material clean out.  This will clean lines from 6" to 10" in diameter and has 3  3/4" pipe extensions for reaching down into deeper manholes. 

Sand Trap 6" $181.93
Sand Trap 8" $206.80
Sand Trap 10" $237.83
Sand Trap 12" $273.50
Sand Trap 15" $295.00
Sand Trap 18" $333.75
Debris Stopper $476.65