Sewer Dye


Sewer Dye comes in two primary forms, tablets and powder. Powdered Sewer Dye should be used when tracing lines over 200 feet in length. Mix powder dye with water in a jet container and squirt the desired amount in the sewer line.

Dye tablets just require the operator to drop a tablet into the sewer pipe, and the dye will trace the water path. Dyes are available in three different colors:  Red, Blue and Yellow/Green.

Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
90257-00-F Sewer Dye Tablets | Fluorescent Blue | Single Bottle - 100 Tablets $46.94
90355-00-F Sewer Dye Tablets | Fluorescent Red | Single Bottle - 100 Tablets $46.94
90256-00-F Sewer Dye Tablets | Fluorescent Yellow/Green | Single Bottle - 100 Tablets $46.94
90975-00-F Powdered Sewer Dye | Fluorescent Blue | 1# Container $54.00
90410-00-F Powdered Sewer Dye | Fluorescent Red | 1# Container $54.00
90414-00-F Powdered Sewer Dye | Fluorescent Yello/Green | 1# Container $54.00