Hannay/Semler Hose Reel - Spring Loaded


This Hannay Hose Reel is designed with the standard "N" series of narrow frame and compact mounting base.  The reel features a non-sparking ratchet assembly, de-clutching arbor to prevent damage from reverse winding, standard inlet 90 degree balanced pressure swivel joint with 1/2" female NPT threads and a standard inlet of 1/2" female NPT threads, pressure rated to 3000 psi, operating temperatures of -60 to +250 degrees F (-51 to +121 degrees C) and a four-way roller assembly.  Replacement hose and component repair parts available.

Hose Reel |Spring|Loaded for 50' hose $1,250.80
Hose Reel |Spring|Loaded for 75' hose $1,340.05
Hannay/Semler Hose Reel Repair Parts (Below) $0.00
Hose Reel | 50' Replacement Hose $435.28
Hose Reel | 75' Replacement Hose $578.89
Hose Reel Replacement Packing Kit $61.44
Hose Reel Replacement Ratchet Pawl $103.22
Hose Reel Replacement Spring $318.00
Hose Reel G Spring | 75' Hose Reel $921.56
Hose Reel Replacement Ratchet Spring $4.51
Hose Reel Replacement Swivel Joint $122.88
Hose Reel | Reel 4.5" Stop Ball $49.78
Hose Reel Complete w Hose & Fittings $2,794.11