UDOR Water Pumps


UDOR has been a leader in the field of plunger pumps for over 75 years. UDOR water pumps are manufactured with brass manifolds, heat-treated crankshafts, stainless steel check valves and pistons, industrial quality bearings, solid ceramic plungers, and heavy-duty, high-pressure seals. The ceramic plungers and improved machining technology mean you can expect this pump to tolerate changes in temperature; even those caused by running it dry. The components of this pump mean you can expect top-notch performance and long life. In addition, the UDOR water pump is simple and affordable to service when the time comes. 

Before adding to the cart, please contact Sewer Equipment at 800-323-1604  or email us at partsales@sewerequipment.com for confirmation of pump configuration (left or right-hand drive) and stock availability.  (Some pumps have long lead times if not in stock.)

UDOR 5GPM @ 3000 PSI Pump | 05I-GD5530SH 5 3000$3,091.70
UDOR 10GPM @ 3000PSI Pump | 05I-CKC3820SH 10 3000$4,029.06
UDOR 12GPM @ 3000PSI Pump | 05-GKC12/30-GR LH DR 12 3000$2,583.22
UDOR 18GPM @ 2500PSI Pump | 05I-PC70200R 18 2500$6,779.76
UDOR 18GPM @ 4000PSI Pump | PENTA-C 55/250-R 18 4000$6,336.68
UDOR 25GPM @ 4000 PSI Pump | 05I-VX95280R 25 4000$8,439.72