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Outfitting a Bucket Machine

While they aren't ideal for every sewer cleaning application, those who use them know there is still a place for the bucket machine, especially when it comes to cleaning large, sediment-filled lines.

And while the most visible parts of the bucket machine are the, well, machine, the cables and the bucket, as anyone who operates one knows, there are plenty of small parts that are needed for them to function effectively. Parts which sometimes must be replaced.

The Bucket Itself

Bucket for a bucket machineFrom gravel to sludge, roots to grease, the bucket does the dirty work in removing the worst of blockage-causing materials from sewer lines.

It therefore needs the strength to withstand that forces that that job will exert upon it.

The sewer buckets we sell come in a variety of working diameters and are made of heavy-duty steel.

Finishing tools

Pull type porcupine bucket machine finishing toolWhile the bucket cleans out the large parts of the blockage, it is not the ideal tool for the finer cleaning work.

That is where finishing tools come in. Brushes and porcupines, pull-type or turn-type, can help clean out the remaining grease and gunk to get the line clean.

See which one would work best for your bucket machine usage.

Manhole Tools

The bucket and finishing tools are, of course, only one part of the operation. The machine requires plenty of parts for pulling the bucket through the pipe.

From rollers to slant jacks, safety equipment to leaders, SewerShop has the parts to keep your bucket machine operating smoothly and safely.

Check Out Our Selection of Bucket Machine Accessories

SewerShop has a wide variety of bucket machine parts and accessories. See if any of our products are right for you.

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