1 ¼” Nozzles

  • high speed rotational nozzle, rotary nozzle, spinner, spinning,

    RDS Nozzle

    The RDS Nozzle is a high speed rotational nozzle that cleans the entire inside of the pipe with spinning jets to scour the pipe walls.  Excellent f...

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  • flushing nozzle, sewer cleaning nozzle, umbrella spray nozzle, big line sewer nozzle

    Rondo Nozzle

    The Rondo Nozzle is designed to produce an umbrella spray pattern, giving this nozzle a complete 360 degree cleaning pattern in the sewer line.  Th...

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  • chain cutter, combination chain cutter, sewer line chain cutter, large line chain cutter, root cutter, mineral cutter

    K114 Cutting Nozzle System

    The K114 Cutting Nozzle System takes over where the Combi Cutter leaves off.  The K114's massive nozzle head, cutter point, and heavy duty chains w...

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  • flusher nozzle, culvert cleaner, box culvert cleaner, road tube cleaner,

    Mega 6 Nozzle

    The Mega 6 Nozzle produces extreme flushing capabilities for medium duty lines.  This makes the Mega 6 a favorite not only for flushing sanitary li...

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  • terminator, flushing nozzle, sewer cleaning, sewer nozzle, flusher

    Terminator Nozzle

    The Terminator Nozzle is a good all around nozzle for sanitary and storm sewer cleaning .  This nozzle is designed to stay toward the middle of the...

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  • Buster, sewer nozzle, general cleaning nozzle,

    Buster Nozzle

    The Buster Nozzle is a very effective routine maintenance nozzle for users who require a standard nozzle in the 1" to 1-1/4" hose pipe thread sizes...

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