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What are the Different Types of Sewer Jetter Nozzles?

Sewer jetter nozzles are an essential tool for cleaning and unclogging pipes. There are various types of sewer jetter nozzles available, each designed to tackle different types of blockages and pipe materials. Here are some of the most common types of sewer jetter nozzles and their uses:

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  1. Flushing nozzles: These nozzles are designed to flush out debris and sediment from pipes. They have multiple jets that spray water in all directions, creating a 360-degree cleaning effect. These can range from ones designed for lateral lines to flushing culverts and storm drains
  2. Penetrating nozzles: These nozzles are designed to cut through tough blockages, such as tree roots or grease buildup. In some cases they have a single jet that focuses the water pressure in one direction to break through the blockage. In others, they have a 0 (or almost 0) nozzle along with several other forward nozzles at low angles to hit the blockage in multiple places. In other cases the nozzle itself penetrates the blockage, with rear-facing jets providing propulsion.
  3. Cornering nozzles: These nozzles are designed to navigate through pipes with multiple bends and corners. They have angled jets that allow them to maneuver through tight spaces while still providing effective cleaning.
  4. Chain flail nozzles: These nozzles use a chain with small blades to cut through blockages. They are especially effective for removing tough blockages, such as concrete or hardened grease.
  5. Warthog nozzles: These nozzles use a spinning rotor to blast away blockages. They are highly effective for removing large and tough blockages, such as heavy roots or concrete.

Choosing the right type of sewer jetter nozzle is essential for effective pipe cleaning. Consider the type of blockage and pipe material before selecting a nozzle to ensure optimal cleaning results. To view our full line of sewer jetter nozzles, chick here. 

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