Myers Water Pumps


Over a century of experience has proven that Myers designs and builds pumps you can rely on. Myers high pressure reciprocating pumps combine manufacturing expertise and application understanding for a pump that is perfect for a variety of high pressure jobs. A variety of repair parts and upgrade kits are available for your Myers water pump! 

Before adding to cart, please contact Sewer Equipment at for confirmation of pump configuration (left or right hand drive), stock availability and the most current pricing  (Some pumps have long lead times up to 60 days, if not in stock). 

Myers C35-20L LH Shaft Drive Water Pump 35 2000$15,569.28
Myers C40-20L LH Shaft Drive Water Pump 40 2000$19,461.60
Myers E54-30L Hyd Drive Water Pump 54 3000$29,706.50
Myers D65-20 Hyd Drive Water Pump 65 2000$28,111.20
Myers E70-23V H/D Hyd Drive Water Pump (Post June '08) 70 2300$37,524.00
Myers E80-20V H/D Hyd Drive Water Pump (Post June '08) 80 2000$35,550.00
Myers DP80-20L Hyd Drive Pump 80 2000$41,416.32