Water Pressure Gauge


Do you know why you want to buy Sewershop's Pressure Gauges?   Because they are the highest quality gauges in the industry!   They have a failure rate 1/3 of the rest of the gauges on the market. Want to stop replacing gauges due to failures?  Buy on Sewershop!!

Gauges are glycerin filled with a yellow "Hi Vis" fluid for easy reading even in low light conditions.  The glycerin prevents damage from extreme cold and vibration.  The gauge comes with or without a mounting flange and is equipped with a 1/4" pipe thread for easy installation.  They can be used in either water or hydraulic oil system applications. 

If that wasn't good enough, our gauge carries a standard two year warranty and is manufactured in the USA!  

Be sure to select the proper gauge type for your application.

Water Pressure Gauge | Rear Fitting | Flange Mount $108.43
Water Pressure Gauge | Rear Fitting | No Flange Mount $34.11
Water Pressure Gauge | Bottom Fitting | No Flange Mount $31.16