Trident Wireless Remote System


The Aarcomm Trident Remote control system provides machine operators with proven reliability and superior performance to get the job done - no matter what the conditions. 

The Aarcomm Trident Aftermarket Retrofit Kit gets you up and running with the top performing radio remote control on the market. You don't have to change existing wiring, making it easy to install in 30 minutes or less. Just remove your existing receiver and plug in the Aarcomm receiver. Just plug and play and get back to work.  (The Aarcomm Trident Aftermarket Retrofit Kit is only for replacement of a Omnex/Eaton wireless remote systems currently on a unit). 

The Trident features include longer range than competitor systems, a charging platform to recharge the handheld transmitter (no more battery replacements), a true waterproof handheld transmitter and a simple harness to adapt to your Sewer Equipment machine.  The range strength helps to get signals through even the highest level of interference and structural materials that block other remote systems (like hospitals, parking structures, steel buildings, etc)!

Part #DescriptionPriceQuantity
93012-00-X Trident-All Trailer Jets Wireless Remote Retrofit Kit $3,717.60
93012-01-X Trident-Truck Jet (Series 2/3 w/no Water Hi/Lo) Wireless Remote Retrofit Kit $3,717.60
93012-02-X Trident-Hydro Excavator Wireless Remote Retrofit Kit $3,717.60
93012-03-X Trident-Truck Jet (Series 3 w/Water Hi/Lo) Wireless Remote Retrofit Kit $3,717.60
93012-05-X Trident-900 Combination Wireless Remote Retrofit Kit $3,717.60
62749-01-X Transmitter-Trident Wireless Handheld Device | All Trailer Jets $1,455.00
62749-02-X Transmitter- Trident Wireless Handheld Device | Truck Jets (Series 2/3 w/no Hi/Lo Water) $1,455.00
62749-03-X Transmitter-Trident Wireless Handheld Device | Truck Jets (Series 3 w/Hi/Lo Water) $1,455.00
62749-04-X Transmitter-Trident Wireless Handheld Device | 900 ECO Combination Machine $1,455.00
62749-05-X Transmitter-Trident Wireless Handheld Device | HX/Ramvac Hydro Excavation Units $1,455.00
62749-07-X Transmitter-Trident Wireless Handheld Device | Ramvac AX4000 Air Excavator $1,455.00
62749-08-X Transmitter-Trident Wireless Handheld Device | 400 ECO Combination Machine $1,455.00
62750-00-X Receiver-Trident Wireless Remote Device | All Models $1,410.00
62751-00-X Antenna-Trident Wireless Remote System | All Models | 900MHz | 6' Length Cable $170.00
62752-02-X Charging Platform - Trident Wireless Remote System (No Cables Included/Needs 63141-00-X for Cables) $250.00
63141-01-X Cable Kit (Required for Charging Platform) - Trident Wireless Remote System $30.10
26126-00-X Shoulder Strap - Trident Wireless Remote Transmitter $35.00
26036-00-X Protective Vinyl Case - For Trident Wireless Remote Transmitter $62.50
26035-00-X Strap for Protective Vinyl Case - Trident Wireless Remote Transmitter $25.00
63560-00-X Transmitter-Trident (Sledge-Hammer) | All Models $2,928.00