Dietmar-Kaiser HPT Single Piston Water Pump


The Dietmar-Kaiser pump is a single-piston pump that is very slow in strokes per minute in contrast to a high-pressure water pump based on the 3-piston/plunger principle.  The "DKU" pump can run dry safely and is impervious to soiled water. 

The few moving parts of the DKU pump have assured exceptionally quiet running and low noise operation.  The valves on the waterside of the pump can be used repeatedly.  Due to the hydraulic drive, maintenance on the mechanical drive is minimal.  The water pressure is set and controlled by the hydraulic side of the pump.  A pressure control bypass valve can be dispensed with on the high-pressure water side like in other single piston pumps. 

The DKU pump has exceptional reliability.  Select the GPM output for the pump when ordering.  If desired, call Sewer Equipment's Customer Service department if you have any questions about the pump or availability at 800-323-1604

Dietmar-Kaiser HPT Single Piston Water Pump 80 2000$36,502.00
Dietmar-Kaiser HPT Single Piston Water Pump 106 2500$36,900.00