GIANT Water Pump Repair Parts and Kits


Giant Industries high pressure water pumps are built from superior materials.  Engineered in Germany and machined to exacting specifications, Giant pump stand up to the harshest conditions and jobs.  To top it off, the pump is extremely easy to maintain and repair, minimizing downtime in the field. All of the repair and upgrade kits are available here.

Before adding items to the cart, please confirm the pump configuration (left or right hand drive) and drive type (shaft drive or hydraulic integral mount drive) as this may affect the parts used.  Some parts have longer lead times, if not in stock.

See individual pumps for repair parts.

Giant 60-30 Plunger Packing Kit GP7145/GP7645 60 3000$721.28
Giant 65-20/80-20/80-25 Plunger Packing Kit GP7655 65-80 2000/2500$710.07
Giant 65-20/80-20/80-25 Inlet Valve Kit GP7645/GP7655 65-80 2000/2500$356.55
Giant 65-20/80-25 Large Discharge Valve Kit GP7645/GP655 65-80 2000/2500$396.48
Giant 65-20/80-20/80-25 Small Discharge Valve Kit GP7645/GP7655 65-80 2000/2500$206.60
Giant 65-20/80-20/80-25 Oil Seal Kit GP7645/GP7655 65-80 2000/2500$164.51