Hydra-Flex Switchblade Linear Vacuum Excavation Nozzle


The Hydra-Flex Switchblade model linear nozzle completes the digging job faster with more run time and less downtime.   This heavy duty, high impact nozzle is constructed with a stainless steel housing and a tough non-conductive urethane outer coating to give additional protection to the nozzle face.  

The replaceable inserts are made of stainless steel bodies and tungsten carbide wear surfaces to withstand the harsh working environments of hydro excavation. It provides longer life, more durability and high efficiency digging especially in trenching applications. 

Vary the gallons per minute simply by varying the 4 separate insert sizes for maximum efficiency and minimal water usage.

Part #DescriptionGPMPSIPriceQuantity
55351-00-X Hydraflex Linear Vacuum Excavation | 3 GPM | 1001779 | Blue Inserts 3 2500$370.00
55352-00-X Hydraflex Linear Vacuum Exc Nozzle | 6 GPM | 100179/1001780-020 | Yellow Inserts 6 2500$370.00
55353-00-X Hydraflex Linear Vacuum Excavation Nozzle 10 GPM Green Inserts 10 2500$370.00
55355-00-X Hydraflex Linear Vacuum Excavation Insert #1 - 0.8 GPM Blue 0.75 2500$50.00
55356-00-X Hydraflex Linear Vacuum Excavation Insert #2 - 1.6 GPM Yellow 1.5 2500$50.00
55357-00-X Hydraflex Linear Vacuum Excavation Insert #3 - 2.5 GPM Green 2.5 2500$50.00