Hydra-Flex Marksman Manhole & Lift Station Cleaning Nozzles


Are you in need of some serious cleaning capability for your manholes or lift stations?  Look no further!  We supply the cleaning power you need with our Hydra-Flex Marksman 0 degree nozzles that were specifically designed for these applications.  

The Marksman allows for accurate, targeted cleaning over 20 feet deep.  This precise stream cleans accumulated solids and grease build up in manholes and lift stations.  The spray does not start to dissipate at the nozzle where you lose your pinpoint cleaning.  The Marksman does not lose its cleaning ability, which means less water usage when cleaning.  

This low water flow can be used on jetters or equipment with hydro excavation capability.  The nozzle has a 1/2" NPT female fitting.  Select your nozzle by gallons per minute.  

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Part #DescriptionGPMPSIPriceQuantity
56139-00-X Hydra Flex Marksman 0 Deg Manhole Cleaner Nozzle | #12 | 11 GPM/2500 PSI $921.00
56140-00-X Hydra Flex Marksman 0 Deg Manhole Cleaner Nozzle | #15 | 13 GPM/ 2500 PSI $921.00
56141-00-X Hydra Flex Marksman 0 Deg Manhole Cleaner Nozzle | #20 | 17 GPM/2500 PSI $921.00
56142-00-X Hydra Flex Marksman Nozzle Dome Inlet Screens (10 pack) $36.40