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SewerShop Carries the Best Brand Names in Sewer Cleaning Parts

SewerShop doesn't sell sewer cleaners, jetters, or hydro excavators.

If you need to find the top names in parts and accessories for any of these machines, however, you've come to the right place.

Take a look at some of the top brands offered on SewerShop's site.

Jetter Nozzles


Warthog sewer jetter nozzles, manufactured by Stoneage, offers an assortment of nozzles to match your jetting needs.

From a home's lateral line to a restaurant's drain to even a municipal line Warthog has a nozzle that is perfect for the job.

Some also include replaceable tips that can extend the life of the nozzle.

Sewer Equipment Company of America

While Sewer Equipment Company of America might be best known for making the jetters, sewer cleaners and hydro excavation trucks themselves, the company also makes an array of high-quality sewer jetter nozzles.

All of the company's high efficiency nozzles utilize a ceramic jetting insert along with Flow Diversion Technology to minimize internal turbulence found on standard and competitor nozzles for superior cleaning results.

From great flushing nozzles to rotating nozzles to the compact, affordable Wiesel, Sewer Equipment has an array to nozzles to suit your sewer cleaning needs.


The Swiss company ENZ also supplies a range of jetter nozzles.

These range from their standard nozzle to a chisel point nozzle to a vibrating, pulsing nozzle for certain applications (although the latter can damage earthenware and some plastic pipes).



SewerShop's Piranha® hoses are made from materials that provide rugged and reliable service under the most demanding conditions found in high-pressure sewer cleaning applications.

Our selection of Piranha® hoses ranges from 2500 PSI to 5000 PSI. They come in sizes from 1/8 of an inch to an inch and are sold in lengths ranging from 100 feet to 1,000 feet.

Every Piranha sewer cleaning hose is constructed with a polyolefin tube which provides maximum resistance to the hydrolysis commonly associated with other thermoplastic tube materials. 

Reinforcement with high tensile polyester rubber eliminates loss of strength from moisture absorption.



Over a century of experience has proven that Myers designs and builds pumps you can rely on. Myers, now built by Pentair, has a well-earned reputation for building top-quality pumps that can withstand tough conditions.

Myers' high-pressure reciprocating pumps combine manufacturing expertise and application understanding to create a pump perfect for high pressure jobs.

SewerShop sells both Myers pumps and Myers pump parts.


Giant Industries builds its high pressure water pumps from superior materials.  The pumps are engineered in Germany and machined to exacting specifications.

Our available Giant Triplex Pumps range in volume from 40 to 80 gallons per minute and in pressure from 2,000 to 3,000 PSI.


A leader in the field of plunger pumps for more than 75 years, UDOR water pumps are manufactured with brass manifolds, heat-treated crankshafts, stainless steel check valves and pistons, industrial quality bearings, solid ceramic plungers, and heavy-duty, high-pressure seals.

The ceramic plungers and improved machining technology mean you can expect this pump to tolerate changes in temperature; even those caused by running it dry.

The components of UDOR pumps mean you can expect top-notch performance and long life.

FMC Bean

FMC Technologies' Bean reciprocating pumps are chosen for the most demanding applications due to their high quality, ease of service, pump longevity, and low cost of ownership.

The versatile FMC plunger pumps can be adapted to suit a wide range of markets and service conditions. All pumps have oversized bearings and heavy-duty components designed to provide years of operational life.

The heavy-duty designs, engineering, reliable craftsmanship, component customization, and pumping experience have helped FMC Technologies' partners deliver value and performance on the global stage.

Kaiser Pumps

The Dietmar-Kaiser pump is a single-piston pump that is very slow in strokes per minute in contrast to a high-pressure water pump based on the 3-piston/plunger principle.

The "DKU" pump can run dry safely and is impervious to soiled water. 

Because of its few moving parts, the DKU pump runs exceptionally quietly.  The valves on the waterside of the pump can be used repeatedly.  Due to the hydraulic drive, maintenance on the mechanical drive is minimal.

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