ENZ® Silverline KBR RotoJet Sewer Jetting Nozzle


Sewershop's ENZ® Silverline KBR Rotojet Sewer Jetting Nozzles are great for removing deposits and scale from sewer line walls.  This KBR RotoJet nozzle is excellent for flushing out pipes as well as adjoining lateral pipes at any angle. It only requires a very small pump capacity and uses 2 radial jets at a 90° angle to the pipe wall for its cleaning action, and 2 semi-radial retro-jets at a 45° angle for forward thrust.  

Appropriate for removal of organic deposits and scale, the KBR RotoJet promises a long service life with minimum wear and tear. 

The 3/8" and 1/2" models come with steel/ceramic inserts, boasting higher efficiency and even longer service life

Sewershop carries the popular sewer jetting sizes in the ENZ nozzle lineup.  Pelican® and ENZ® brand carrying cases are available for nozzles. The 1/2" case picture is a representation of the Enz case.  Cases do not include nozzles.  

Part #DescriptionGPMPSIPriceQuantity
55804-00-F ENZ® Silverline KBR RotoJet 1/8" | ENZ 04.016AN 2.6 3000$200.00
55736-00-F ENZ® Silverline KBR RotoJet 1/4" | ENZ 04.028AN 3 4000$455.00
55888-00-X ENZ® Silverline KBR RotoJet 1/4" | ENZ 04.016BN Drilled Nozzle 3 4000$180.00
55737-00-F ENZ® Silverline KBR RotoJet 3/8" | ENZ 04.028BN 3 4000$455.00
52324-00-F ENZ® Silverline KBR RotoJet 1/2" | ENZ 04.040A 18 4000$805.00
63088-00-Z Pelican® Brand 1/8" Nozzle Carrying Case | Model 1030 - -$30.00
55891-00-X Pelican® Brand 1/4" Nozzle Carrying Case | Model 1040 - -$75.00
55892-00-X Pelican® Brand 3/8" Nozzle Carrying Case | Model 1060 - -$95.00
55893-00-X ENZ® Brand 1/2" Nozzle Carrying Case | ENZ 09.001 - -$195.00