Hydra-Flex Reaper Sewer Jetter Nozzle


The Hydra-Flex "Reaper" jetting nozzle is an all-around sewer cleaning tool.  Its unique design with one 0 degree front rotating jet that forms a 24-30 degree cone of water.  Coupled with the four 20 degree angled rear jets, it optimizes performance to do cutting, cleaning, flushing, etc.  

These heavy-duty, high impact nozzles are constructed with stainless steel housings and tungsten carbide wear surfaces to withstand harsh environments and provide longer life than ceramic inserts. 

The Reaper can be repaired and repair kits are available to extend the life of the nozzle. 

Part #DescriptionGPMPSIPriceQuantity
56044-00-F Hydra-Flex Reaper 3/8" | 100-300' Hose Range | 1 Forward w/4 Rear Jets 12 3000$620.00
56045-00-F Hydra-Flex Reaper 1/2" | 500-700' Hose Range | 1 Forward w/4 Rear Jets 18 4000$890.00