Suction Hose - Kanaflex & Tigerflex


The Kanaflex and Tigerflex brand hoses are heavy duty abrasion resistant suction hoses, where higher temperatures or abrasions are a factor (fly ash, crushed rock, sand, dry fertilizer, iron ore, grain, pea gravel or cement powder, etc.).  

Operating temperature range is -40 to +140 degree F.   The hose is constructed of an SBR rubber blended with static carbon black, rigid PVC helix, a smooth bore interior and a corrugated exterior. 

Sold in bulk and prices reflects the per foot price.

Suction Hose | Tigerflex 4" Per Foot | UBK400 $26.13
Suction Hose | Tigerflex 6" Per Foot | THT600 $71.79
Suction Hose | Kanaflex High Temp 8" Per Foot | 180HR-8 $79.66