Hose Level Wind Assembly with Counter


The Hose Level Wind Assembly with Counter replaces old fashioned machine mounted steel hose guides. The Level Wind allows the operator to easily control the hose on and off the reel for a clean wrap without overlaps and pinches.

This style of hose level wind assembly has a 'clam' style opening allowing the operator to pull a pin, open the upper half to allow insertion of the sewer hose and clamps back shut for full contact of the counter wheel with the sewer hose.  This makes it a super easy-to-use level wind and counter combination.  A standard footage location meter (counter) provides location of nozzle in the sewer pipe at all times.

The Level Wind Assembly is adaptable to all sewer cleaners.

Hose Level Wind Assembly for 747, Sniper, 800-HPR Models $1,950.55
Hose Level Wind Assembly for 800-H and 800-A Models Only $1,732.91
Counter Only | Hose Level Wind Assembly $202.98