Cherne Muni-Ball Plug


Sewer Equipment offers the Cherne Single, Multi-Size (By-Pass) and Cherne I-Series Plug (By-Pass) type sewer line plugs.  

Cherne is "the" name in pipe plugs and offer a variety of plugs to fit your needs.  Select from the Single (specifically sized for a given sewer line size), the Multi-Size (designed to fit a range of sewer line sizes in one plug) and the I-Series (inflatable by-pass type plugs) and choose the appropriate line size for your application. 

Need more information? Safety Data?  Use the links below:

Muni-Ball Plugs 4"-6" | CHERNE #265-048 $412.84
Muni-Ball Plugs 6"-8" | CHERNE #265-068 $575.02
Muni-Ball Plugs 8"-10" | CHERNE #265-078 $756.15
Muni-Ball Plugs 8"-12" | CHERNE #212-128 $1,385.66
Muni-Ball Plugs 12"-18" | CHERNE #214-188 $2,737.45
Muni-Ball Plugs "I" Series 4"-8" $1,153.20
Muni-Ball Plugs "I" Series 8"-16" $1,733.79