ENZ® Rotodrill Sewer Jetter Nozzle


Sewershop's ENZ® Rotodrill Sewer Jetting Nozzle is made of wear-resistant, hardened steel which offers longer nozzle life.  The Rotodrill is provided with a front jet insert or interchangeable blind plug.  Rear jets use replaceable steel/ceramic inserts.  The Rotodrill is great for removal of sludge deposits and cloggings

Sewershop carries the most popular sewer jetting size in the ENZ® nozzle lineup.  The ENZ® carrying cases is available for nozzles.  Cases do not include nozzles.  

Part #DescriptionGPMPSIPriceQuantity
55743-00-F ENZ® Rotodrill Sewer Jetting Nozzle 1/2" | ENZ 36.050-12 18 4000$430.00
Carrying Case Accessories | No Nozzles Included in Cases - -$0.00
55893-00-X ENZ® Brand 1/2" Nozzle Carrying Case | ENZ 09.001 - -$195.00